Amid Net Neutrality Debate Facebook Launches


Facebook CEO’s most ambitious project of providing free internet around the world has now turned the project into a platform for online application and content developers. This is in the wake of huge criticism that the project faced on the lines of breaking the policy of net neutrality in India, which has the third largest internet users around the world.

Starting this Monday, the platform can be accessed by all developers who fulfill certain guidelines set by them to join platform. The

In India, Facebook teamed up with Reliance Communications, to jointly launch the services, but as the rage over net neutrality broke out, companies were hesitant to support this initiative. “We’ve heard the debate about net neutrality in India and have been tracking it,” Chris Daniels, vice president of product for, told leading news agency.

He further said “The principles of neutrality must co-exist with programs that also encourage bringing people online,” affirming that platform is open to all mobile operators which dint involve any kind of monetary benefit to either of the parties.

Currently, Facebook launched this service in nine countries, including in India, bringing over 8 million people online, said Daniels, who was in India to speak with partners and operators.