Android OS installed in iPhone! and its awesome!!

Android OS installed in iPhone: The things the kids do these days is absolutely mind boggling. Have you ever imagined an iPhone installed with Google’s prestigious Android Operating system? Well, I certainly haven’t. Thanks to these two pranksters, it now seems as if it is quite possible.

According to the reports, the leading mobile company Apple is now getting all ready to unveil its iOS 9 to the public in the  next few weeks.

There has been a lot buzz going around in the market and internet circles that the so called ‘new features’ of  iOS9 are already present in Android for years now.

Android OS can be installed in iphone
Android OS can be installed in iPhone

However, installing Android in Apple is not an easy task, it needs some serious skill set. But these two guys are on a mission to make Apple fan boys love Android.

So, they downloaded the Android OS on an iPhone and asked users to give their first impressions about it. They even named it as ‘new’ iOS 9 and made majority people absolutely love the rival software.

The users not only found the Android-iOS 9 completely different and easier to use, but also applauded the finer elements like the ability to control music while browsing the web through shaking the device. While some called it ‘prettier,’ others found it a lot ‘faster and smoother’ than the previous iOS.

Watch the video to catch the pranksters in action: