India To Become 3rd Largest Country In Creative Imaging: Nikon MD


With majority of Indians now turning their passion towards photography, India is certain to become a hub of professional photographers. If you still doubt this fact, then Nikon India MD Kazuo Ninomiya has an explanation for you.

Kazuo is confident that with the growing interest in the field of imaging and photography in India, it is all set to become the third largest country in ‘Creative Imaging’ as far as revenue generation is concerned over the next five years.

Currently, India stands at 5th position in the world in this category jumping ten places from its previous position of 15 five years back.

“In view of its potential as well as the fascination for photography in the country, I can assure that India will become world’s no. 3 country of the world in next five years’ time,” he claimed.

He further said that the company is aiming at 30 to 50 percent growth in its turnover in the coming five years.

“We have recorded Rs. 1,100 crores turnover in the last fiscal and wanted to enhance it by 30 to 50 percent in next five-year period,” he said.