Indian Smartphone Users Spend 169 Minutes On Their Device Daily


Over the last few years, India has witnessed a tremendous growth in terms of smartphone users. Well, as per a recent survey, smartphone users in the nation spend a normal 169 minutes (around three hours) every day on their gadgets.

The smartphone user persona report (SUPR) by Vserv is in light of a computerized utilization information accumulation from more than 12,000 smartphone users in India, over a three month period.

As per the report, the Indian cell phone client base is developing at a staggering rate of 26 percent CAGR, which is set to achieve 234 million by 2017 from 74 million in 2013.

The boom in the Indian cell phone business sector, is essentially being impelled by Indians less than 25 years old years, with the report highlighting that 63 for each penny clients fall in that age section.