India’s Mars Orbiter Mission Recieves Space Pioneer Award 2015


ISRO much ambitious ‘Mangalyaan’ project has ensured to magnify India’s name worldwide in the field of science. Ever since its launch, it has attracted huge laurels and positive criticism.

It is in a way, India’s pride that has proved the world that hugely funded missions are not always the criteria to achieve success. With a mere cost of Rs.7/- per KM, ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission happens to be the cheapest yet most difficult space mission.

And now, to add another feather in its cap, the Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter Mission has received the most coveted Space Pioneer Award for the year 2015 at the 34th Annual International Space Development Conference held at Toronto, presented by the US’ National Space Society. The award presented to ISRO in the category of Science and Engineering was to honour India’s brilliant efforts to complete a successful mission in the very first attempt.

The ISRO’s spacecraft was launched on September 24, 2014 scripting history and joining into the elite list of the US, Russia and Europe who have already launched their spacecraft’s to the Red Planet. After 9 month long travel, it eventually entered into the orbit of Mars on December 1st.

ISRO said that Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) is under ‘solar conjunction’ at Mars, that means that the spacecraft that is orbiting Mars, is right behind the Sun when viewed from the Earth, and which is set to extend till July 1.