Intel India To Set Up ‘Maker Lab’ To Help Startups In India

intel maker lab

Intel India announced its plans to set up a Maker lab in India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru which will act like a stage for business visionaries to quicken product and hardware design and outline advancement for startups in India. The facility is set to be formally launched on 27th of August.

The firm will work with the nation’s startup ecosystem, including central/state government incubation facilities, corporate and business quickening agents, a messaged articulation said.

The Maker Lab will give framework like development kits, reference boards, hardware, and software tools, in addition to mentoring and business connections. The office will help startups to convey their thoughts to realization, from verification of idea to proper business models, to market-prepared items and solutions.

Taking after effective model, startups will be associated with hardware ecosystem players like OEMs (original design manufacturers), ISVs (independent software vendors) and system integrators. Successful startups will be showcased at the ‘Intel India Maker Showcase’, which will permit delegates and visitors to see, feel and experience the products and their solutions from the lab.

“With the Intel India Maker Lab, we are offering a strong platform to India’s vibrant startup ecosystem, and encouraging young innovators to turn their ideas into exciting and relevant products for India,” said Kumud Srinivasan, President, Intel India.