Now Microsoft Will Guess How Old You Are!

Microsoft launched a new face detection API that detects the age of the person in the image. They have launched a prototype of this through their website It uses machine learning technology to identify the age of the person in the photograph.

anushka sharma age
Correct Detection Of Age
ranveer singh age
Incorrect Detection


To know how old you were in a particular image, just upload an image of yours wherein you’re your face can be clearly seen and wait till Microsoft completely detects the image. However, the detection don’t seem to be accurate as many results got incorrect estimate of their age.

Because of this, the website also wrote on their site “Sorry if we didn’t quite get the age and gender right – we are still improving the feature.”

The website was launched by Microsoft as a test, but unexpectedly, the website became popular within no time on internet. The machine engineers at Microsoft said that they were only expecting around 50 users initially, but it fetched over 35,000 users in a short span.

“We sent email to a group of several hundred people asking them to try the page for a few minutes and give us feedback – optimistically hoping that at least 50 people would give it a shot. We monitored our real time analytics dashboard to track usage and, within a few minutes, the number of people using the site vastly exceeded the number of people we had sent our email to,” they said while talking to news organizations.

The Microsoft engineers also affirmed that the team gets all the real time insights simultaneously when users try the website. “For instance, we assumed that folks would not want to upload their own pictures but would prefer to select from pre-canned images such as what they found online. But we what we found out was that over half the pictures analysed were of people who had uploaded their own images. We used this insight to improve the user experience and did some additional testing around image uploads from mobile devices,” they added.