Top 10 Awful Things An Employee Faces Working At Facebook


Facebook, the world’s biggest social networking organization and also one of the few companies where the employees enjoy benefits of various sorts, from being paid highly to providing them best quality food, Facebook ensures that its employees are never short of luxury. Also, it has a standout amongst the most wonderful campuses in the world.

Well, though it looks really nice upfront, there is more to this story. Employees working for Facebook touted to be the World’s best place to work, have their own reasons to complain about the company.

From squandering time checking the website to absence of motivation, employees working at Facebook reveal 10 awful things that an employee may face after getting on board at Facebook. Here’s a list of top 10 most terrible things that the employees may face:


  1. Round the clock availability

Keith Adams, Facebook engineer, share his experience of working with Facebook and he says that for almost six weeks in a year, he has to be available round the clock whenever required, be it day or night. His strict instructions include that his phone remains thoroughly charged and is kept on loud mode all the time, even while he is asleep.

  1. Zero team motivation, priority on self-gains

Facebook’s ‘make an impact’ mantra turns the employees focus solely only on their personal benefits and gains, giving less priority on the success of the whole team.

  1. Facebook employees’ wives should be able to handle user grievances

As the employee works with a social networking site, he is generally subjected to a long list of complaints from family and friends as to how few things work and why a few failed. One of the employee’s spouse posted the agony saying, “I was often asked for help on how to use the privacy settings solely on the basis that, being married to someone who works at Facebook, I must know.”

  1. Facebook tries hard to look younger

An ex-employee of Facebook tells that Facebook, even after many years of its existence, still considers itself young and functions like a startup.

  1. Interns at Facebook boss themselves

Philip Su, a software engineer at Facebook, says that crucial decisions are taken by lone engineers over lunch, or even by interns, without even informing their managers.

  1. Sifting laundry part of job profile

An ex-employee, who did not wished to be names shares his experience and says, “The team treated me like garbage and I was asked to [do] really inappropriate tasks.”

  1. Ill-mannered colleagues

One of the ex-employee says that employees at Facebook with a good amount of experience discourteous over the new hires and the tone of voice used by them is very condescending.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg spend more time on extra-curricular activities

A Facebook employee complained that both Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg are more inclined towards organizing extra- curricular activities and copying off the competition.

  1. Too many emails

Former Facebook employee Thomas Moore says that as long as you’re associated with Facebook, you will be bundled with so many internal mails, as he complained of receiving over 1,600 or more internal communications a day.

  1. Zero workplace privacy

One employee complains, “when you have huge rooms filled with rows and rows of picnic style tables with people sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with six inches of separation and zero privacy, I am sorry … That’s how you keep cattle in the pen, not high quality talent earning low to mid six figures.”