TRAI Not Willing To Police The Internet: TRAI Chairman


Looks like the debate over net neutrality is never ending, and amid this growing rage, TRAI has said it is nt willing to control the internet by itself and has affirmed that it will not police the internet. Yet, there are three principles that include ‘no blocking’ which are not debatable.

“Anybody in right frame of mind would not try to regulate or police the internet. They would find a way around. But we need to understand that there are certain issues that need to be addressed,” TRAI Chairman Rahul Khullar said in an event.

He said that there cannot be any further debate on three principles like “No blocking, transparency and no throttling or degrading adware”.

The telecom regulator has received more than a million responses in support of net neutrality on its paper for which the regulator sought the public opinion.

He opined that there should be few laid down rules that should be agreed by everyone on which no compromise should be made to handle issues.