TRAI To Release Report On Net Neutrality This Week

net neutrality report

Last month, if there was anything that kept the internet wackadoos busy, it was the debate over net neutrality. With every passing day, the debate was reaching greater heights forcing the government to withdraw its decision to provide an open platform violating the rules of internet neutrality.

Post all the drama over the debate, India’s telecom regulatory authority TRAI was supposed to come out with a formal statement signifying the government’s final stance. However, the deadline was missed and consequently, the hype over the debate came down.

But now, the TRAI is set to release the statement and is expected to come out by the end of this month. The statement is currently held at the Prime Minister’s Office, and post the PM’s detailed review, the report will be released to the public.

Early reports suggest that the statement will support the center’s decision of zero discriminating internet adhering to the policies of net neutrality.

“A panel has the taken the views of all the stakeholders before submitting it to the telecom minister. There were a few critical points of debate such as allowing zero rating plans or not. The report will back the government’s stand unequivocally,” an official told a leading news organization.

As many as one million people sent emails to TRAI, requesting the telecom authority to adhere to the rules of net neutrality.