Ducati Re-Enters Indian Market Launching Its 12th Subsidiary Globally


The first name that comes to mind when we say superbike is the super stylish Ducati. Ducati entered Indian market in 2008 after launching their bikes with local importer Precision Motors.

But now, in a major respite to all the Ducati bike fans, the Audi owned Superbike Company has set up their own subsidiary in India, completely owned by the company. This showroom happens to be its 12th showroom in the world and will take in dealerships directly in the country itself.

The company already has dealerships in Delhi and Mumbai, and the number increases with the new dealership opened at Gurgaon. The company plans to launch another dealership in Bengaluru by the end of this year. Along with the launch of the subsidiary, the company also launched two new bikes Classic and Full Throttle.

“In 2013 we began our groundwork in India and our belief in the market has been reaffirmed,” said Pierfrancesco Scalzo, general manager, Ducati Asia. “Ducati will provide the same high standards of service in India as it does everywhere else in the world.”

Ducati has lined up its heavyweights in India, with prices ranging from Rs. 6.77 lakh to Rs. 40.65 lakh. Indian dealership includes few of the big names like Hyperstrada, Hypermotard, and the Monster series.

“There was a lull for around a year before we started the dealerships in Delhi and Mumbai in March this year,” said Ravi Avalur, managing director, Ducati India. “We are reaching out to all existing and prospective ‘Ducatistis’. The response has been beyond expectations and we have had to revise our forecasts. We are confident we will be very successful.”