World’s Biggest Telescope Equaling The Size Of 30 Football Fields


China is building the world’s biggest radio telescope whose dish size will be proportionate to 30 football fields.

Assembly of the entire telescope, with a dish, which is of the span of 30 football fields and found somewhere down in the mountains of Guizhou region, has got in progress, reported Xinhua, which is joining forces in its development.

When finished in 2016, the five hundred meter aperture spherical telescope (FAST) will be the world’s biggest, taking over the current biggest Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory, which is just 300 meters in width.

A radio signal to a measure of several billions of light years away, could be gotten by the telescope, which will amplify China’s space tracking scope from moon’s orbit to the outside edge of the solar system, upon finishing one year from now.


The project FAST needs a strong computer framework and architecture to bolster enormous information stockpiling and handling, Institute of Computing Technology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASICT), Dawning Information Industry Co. and China (Guizhou) Skyeye Group consented to an arrangement last November,  to come together and form a Qiannan Super Processing Center in Guizhou.

Skyeye-1, with its quadrillion figuring operations every second and rapid system of 100 gigabytes for each second, can without much of a stretch meet the requests of the telescope, said Ren Jingyang, VP of Dawning Information Industry Co.


The development of the telescope started in March 2011 in a natural, dish formed valley in the southern part of Guizhou.