Yahoo’s Mobile Developer Meetup Is Coming To India


For the first time ever, Indian Mobile developers will witness one of the biggest events held to bring in all the mobile developers under a single roof, as Yahoo, post a successful event at San Francisco, is organizing their Mobile Developer Meetup in India.

The event is scheduled to be held in New Delhi and Bengaluru on June 24 and June 26 respectively. This news has certainly exited many developers back in India, as India is home for almost 1 billion mobile subscribers and the country’s mobile internet sector has also grown by 40 percent in a year.

Indian mobile developers have been innovating and producing some of the best apps for the mobile ecosystem that is not only meant for Indians, but also for the entire world. India has a very animated and dynamic set of developers who can unleash their talent worldwide and a conference of this sort will certainly help them imbibe more knowledge on a futuristic level.

The conference will feature a discussion with the panelist that include innovators and thought leaders. It will then be followed by giving the chance to the participant to talk to the developers and share their ideologies.

So all you mobile developers out there, mark your calendars and make yourself free, as events like these will not happen frequently.