YouTube Finally Says Good Bye To ‘301+’ View Counter

Youtube 301 view count

It has been a long followed tradition of YouTube that whenever any video is launched which has so much of traction, the view counter gets stuck to “301+” views, and later gets refreshed after YouTube verifies all the views.

Well, now bid a farewell to this long ambiguous view count, as YouTube has decided to remove this feature and provide an updated view count for every unique view, leaving behind an old legacy and marching towards an updated system bringing smiles to a lot of YouTube creators as they feel totally happy and elated.

The video play count will now demonstrate the continuous real-time number of views that the organization is certain that the views have come from genuine users. However, it still excludes plays by bots, which will, in any case still has to undergo a confirmation process, and will be added to the view count if those get cleared.

YouTube 301 views

YouTube frozen 301+ count was to take some time to count all the legitimate views by filtering out the views from bots, and this was only aimed to give the users a clear and precise information of the view counter.

This new feature will also help YouTube content creators to get a better idea and perceive how their video is doing early on, but mostly, it’ll mean viewers saying goodbye to knowing that a video is brand new because it’s stuck at 301+.