Bengaluru Student Commit Suicide After Harassed By Loan Agents

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In Bengaluru, a 22 year old engineering student named Tejas committed suicide.  The City police confirmed the incident on the 13th of July, Thursday, and said the student died after allegedly facing harassment from executives representing a Chinese mobile application providing loans.

Getting into the details, on the 11th of July, Tuesday, Tejas wrote a suicide note, following which he hanged himself at his residence in Bengaluru’s Jalahalli locality.  The 22 year old youth was studying engineering at Nitte Meenakshi College in Yelahanka, Bengaluru.  He allegedly took a loan from ‘Slice and Kiss,’ a Chinese loan providing app.  However, when he failed to repay the loan amount, the agents started harassing Tejas.  

The agents allegedly resorted to blackmail, threatening to expose the student’s intimate photographs stored on his mobile phone, leaving Tejas with no choice, but to commit suicide.  In his suicide note, Tejas wrote, “Sorry mom and dad for whatever I did.  I have no other choice other than this.  I am unable to pay other loans that are there in my name and this is my final decision… Goodbye.”

Tejas’ father, Gopinath, who later learnt about the entire incident, agreed to repay the amount in installments on behalf of his son.

Meanwhile, the Bengaluru Police has registered a case and launched an investigation into the matter.

Moreover, this is not the first case of loan agent harassment, which led people to take the extreme step and commit suicide.  Earlier in Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana and other regions, many fell in trap of such loan apps, providing hassle free loans. 

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