BJP Leader Shares Video Of Tribal Women Stripped Naked And Assaulted In Malda, Slams TMC

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After the recent violent Manipur sexual assault, in which two women were forced to strip naked and were allegedly gang raped, a similar incident was reported from Malda region, West Bengal.

On the 22nd of July, Saturday, Mr. Amit Malviya, the in charge of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in West Bengal and IT cell head, shared a video of women being forced and assaulted.  In the shared video, two tribal women were forced to strip down naked and were beaten by a group of people, including women.

In the video caption, Mr. Amit Malviya said, “The horror continues in West Bengal.  Two Tribal women were stripped naked, tortured and beaten mercilessly, while police remained a mute spectator in PakuaHat area of ​​Bamangola Police Station, Malda.  The horrific incident took place on the morning of 19th July.  The women belonged to a socially marginalized community and had a frenzied mob baying for her blood… It had all the making of a tragedy that should have ‘broken’ Mamata Banerjee’s heart and she, instead of merely outraging, could have acted, since she is also the Home Minister of Bengal… But she chose to do nothing.  Neither did she condemn the barbarity nor did she express pain and anguish because it would have exposed her own failing as a Chief Minister.  But a day after, she shed copious tears and screamed blue murder, because it was politically expedient…”

The video came at a time when the nation is already condemning the violent attack and rape assault on women in Manipur.  The viral video raised several questions regarding the security of women under the government and police security.

Furthermore this is not the first such incident reported by the BJP in West Bengal.  Earlier, on the 21st of July, Mr. Amit Malviya highlighted another such assault on women.

In a tweet, the BJP leader claimed that during the Panchayat elections, a BJP candidate was forced to strip naked and was assaulted by the Trinamool Congress (TMC) workers in the State.  However, the Mamata Banerjee led TMC and the West Bengal police denied such a report and said there was no evidence of the said incident.

Meanwhile, speaking of the new Malda sexual assault, the TMC assured action and said the culprit would be behind the bars soon.

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