Twitter Viral Video From Gwalior Shows Man Abusing & Assaulting One Mohsin

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AltNews Counfounder Mr. Mohammed Zubair shared a video of assault, in which a few men were assaulting a Mulsim man.

In the shared video, a man was seen torturing and bashing one person in the backseat of the car.  While others were abusing him with filthy language and beating the victim in his head.

With the shared video, Mohammed Zubair said, “Video from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Golu Gurjar and his friends are seen thrashing Mohsin with slippers and forcing him to lick his feet while abusing him.”

In the video, the prime accused who was assaulting the victim was identified as Golu Gurjar, whereas the victim was said to be one Mohsin.


Although the authenticity about their identities are yet to be confirmed, the video is going viral on the micro blogging site, gaining criticism for this unacceptable behaviour.

A Twitter user wrote, “If you expect the CM Shivraj chouhan to wash the feet of this Muslim man, You need to see a psychiatrist asap to treat delusion.”

Another user wrote, “This is India in the last 9 years. Across the country, such rogues and bullies have been emboldened to attack Muslims. This is actually a flex for the Hindutva brigade. And with elections round the corner, this will likely only increase. Privileged ppl will choose to ignore this.”

Another comment read, “My India now. Still silence. Even from mutuals. I see you.”

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