Captured Indian Soldier Shares His Experience

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Captured Indian Soldier Shares His Experience

Pakistan returned an Indian Soldier, Chandu Babulal Chavan, after holding him captive for four months from January 21, 2017. While sharing his experience with a Marathi channel, the soldier said that he was so fed up by the Pakistanis torture that he begged for death often when in captivity.

Chavan said “I was assaulted. I told them: Kill me. I realized that this was the end of the road for me.” On September 29, the day that India attacked the terrorist camps across Line of Control (LoC,) the 22 year old strayed into Pakistan. Chavan was posted in the Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir at the LoC 10 days after the Pakistani militants attacked the Uri camp and killed 19 soldiers.

Expressing his distress over straying into Pakistan across the border, Chavan said, “they checked me, took out my clothes, put on black robes on me and took me away in a vehicle.” He also added that “I was put in a room which was always dark. I did not understand a thing. The bathroom and toilets were also in the same room.”

The Soldier had recently returned to Borvihir village in Dhule district, which is his native place. He said, “When I used to bang my head and ask them to kill me, they gave me injection doses. They used to beat me. There came a time that I didn’t have any more tears in my eyes.” Speaking about his trauma, the soldier added, “I did not understand whether it was day or night. I remembered my family in those harrowing times. I used to pray God to end my life.”

The soldier shared his ordeal and said that he was given sedatives through injections and when he started bleeding through ears, they would put in ear drops. He also said that in order to get himself killed, the soldier told his captors that he entered Pakistan so as to avenge Uri terror attacks.

It takes a lot for the soldier to beg for death and the pain in his expression only proves the ordeal that Chavan had to go through when in illegal captivity in Pakistan.


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