COVID-19 – AIIMS Issues Guidelines To Reuse PPEs For Medical Staff And Doctors

The All India Institute of Medical Science  (AIIMS,) on the 7th of April, released a set of guidelines regarding the reuse of Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs) including gloves, N-95 masks, boots, bodysuit and others for doctors and medical staff.

According to sources, due to the lack of PPEs and other equipment used for the doctor’s protection against the COVID- 19, the AIIMS issued these guidelines.

The  guidelines read, “It is imperative that in accordance with evidence-based scientific literature these N-95 masks are to be disinfected by individual users [by keeping them in open after use or by other methods] and reused at least four times each.”

 It further added, “Currently, decontamination of PPEs for purposes of reuse is not recommended, primarily because of concerns that decontamination would degrade performance, especially of the respirator… However, given the uncertainties on the impact of decontamination on respirator performance, these should not be worn by healthcare workers when performing or present for an aerosol generating procedure. The methods available for disinfection are only considered as extraordinary…in the event of imminent shortage (sic.)” 

However, the PPEs could be reused if decontaminated properly.  The process of decontamination of overalls and N95 masks is possible using 11% hydrogen peroxide in a sealed room.   Decontamination of face shields and goggles should be done using 0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution and 70% alcohol solution.

The decision was taken considering the lack of PPEs and increasing numbers of patients in India.  On the 8th of April, India reported a total of 5,477 COVID-19 infection cases and 167 deceased.

Stay tuned for further updates about COVID-19.