Cracks In Uttarakhand Increases Panic Amongst People

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Panic was triggered in the Uttarakhand region, amid increasing cracks and severe landslides.

Joshimath, in the Chamoli district, is seeing severe landslides, leaving many houses in the State in panic. 

On the 2nd January 2023, Monday, houses also began to develop cracks, which caused alarm throughout the city.  As of now, 50 affected residents of JP Company Colony were relocated  and many families from other wards were relocated to safer locations by the Uttarakhand Government. 

In addition, 11 affected individuals were relocated from the area earlier. 

Furthermore, the structures in the low lying areas are also in danger as a result of the water leaking from the ground in the Marwari area.   Cracks have also appeared in BSNL’s office and residential buildings in the town’s Singhdhar ward, posing a risk to the residents who live there.

Meanwhile, people of the State, especially Joshimath region gathered on the streets and staged a protest, to highlight the cracks in over 561 residential houses in the region.  The people asked the Government to take a serious concern of the matter and work for the evacuation and take the necessary steps.

In addition, Mr. Shailendra Panwar, the Chairman of the Joshimath Municipal Corporation said, “Now process of increasing cracks in Singhdhar and Marwadi (wards of Joshimath) has started.  Badrinath National Highway near Singhdhar Jain locality and JP Company Gate in Marwadi… near forest department check post… is continuously cracking.”  He further added, “… (cracks) increase every hour… worrying.”

Notably, the concerned municipal administration authority are talking about the solution and is set to discuss the matter in detail with Mr. Pushkar Singh Dhami, the Cheif Minister of Uttarakhand.

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