Dawood’s Aide Chhota Shakeel Warns India

New Delhi: Chhota Shakeel is one among the accused of dozens bomb blast at Bombay in the year 1993, which took the life of 257 innocent people. Shakeel is also famous as henchman of Dawood Ibrahim. Shakeel has annoyingly reacted to the hanging of Yakub Memon, by calling it “a legal murder of an innocent” . Not just that, but Shakeel also accused the Indian Government for betraying the promises it made to lure him back to India.

Chhota Shakeel
Dawood’s Aide Chhota Shakeel Warns India

Shakeel called up newspaper to warn India by saying, “India betrayed and it will have to face the consequences very soon”. “Dawood bhai would have been meted the same fate if he would have come at that time… it is clear now,” he said, to the chief of D-Company, who along with Yakub’s elder brother, silver smuggler Tiger Memon, choreographed the carnage in Mumbai in March 1993.

“What message has the Indian government sent across? You have punished an innocent man for his brother’s act. The company condemns it. It’s a legal murder,” Shakeel said in the exclusive conversation in which he chillingly spoke of “consequences” for the hanging.‘Woh (consequences) to hoga hi,’ he said.

He added, “Somebody trusted a government but the government breached the trust. The company doesn’t have any faith in the government Who will come back to get killed?”

Yakub’s wife was bought to India with a few months old baby and they where kept in the jail for months. What kind of a Justice is this? Yakub Cooperated with the Indian Government till his last breath and what did Indian Government did with him?
Dawoods links with Yakub, Shakeel whose names spread fear in Mumbai not long ago’ said, “Yakub was not associated with our company or Dawood Bhai”.

Is Yakub’s death a sign of reunion for terrorists and mafia ?