Delhi Lawyer Open Fires At Tis Hazari Premises Over Heated Argument

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In Delhi’s Tis Hazari, an open fire incident was reported in the afternoon of the 5th of July, Wednesday.

According to sources, the gunshots reportedly occurred due to a heated argument over parking space.   The fight started between Manish Sharma, the Senior Vice President of Tis Hazari Court, and his secretary Atul Sharma over parking.

Soon several lawyers gathered at the site and Manish opened fire in the air, creating ruckus and chaos at the Tis Hazari court site.  Immediately after the incident, police present at the court premises rushed to the spot and controlled the situation.  The police also informed that no casualties or injuries were reported in the Tis Hazari region.

Soon condemning the incident, Mr. K.K. Manan, the Bar Council Chairman of Delhi said, “Detailed inquiry into the matter will be undertaken.  It will be inquired if the weapons were licensed or not.  Even if the weapons were licensed, no lawyer or anyone else can use them like this inside or around court premises.”

Meanwhile, the police also registered a case and launched an investigation.

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