E- Boarding Facility at RGIA

Hyderabad: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport(RGIA ) Hyderabad is the first airport in India to execute an end-to-end electronic boarding process. This was initially launched as a pilot project in April this year and was implemented yesterday and was practiced over 7,000 passengers.

The passengers who opt for E-boarding will be sent a Unique Mobile Pass and Quick Response code on their registered mobile number. At the entrance gate the passenger can scan the code at the machine that are placed. They just need to enter their Aadhar card number confirm their credentials by scanning their fingerprint. After finishing this process,the air traveler can walk through the gate without showing any ID proof at the security desk. A security check, lane-e-gate is available for the fliers for any queries, in order to save time. The existing code gets scanned before passengers board the flight. A smart phone is the only prerequisite for this electronic boarding system.


Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

CEO S.G.K. Kishore said: “e-boarding reduces human interface and takes a big leap towards automation easing the movement of passengers through the airport and reducing the waiting time at various check points. This enhances passenger’s experience and improves the overall operational efficiency of our airport.”

“Officials from Bangalore and Delhi airports recently visited the Hyderabad airport to witness the e-boarding process and are known to have adopted several technical and process-related aspects in their e-boarding systems” he added.