Narendra Modi: 21st century belongs to Asia

Modi: 21st century belongs to Asia

New Delhi: “I am looking forward to the trip to China. The 21st century belongs to Asia,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Chinese media ahead of his visit. Modi will reach city of Xi’an for a summit meeting.

Modi told state-run CCTV that he believe his trip to China will set a new milestone for the relations between developing countries in Asia as around the world. He added that in recent years both India and China have made great progress in bilateral relations and also managed their differences with maturity and patience.

On Twitter, Modi wrote, “Interacted with the Chinese media, where I highlighted the strong potential of India-China ties.”

“I talked about our shared responsibility to help developing Nations, especially in poverty eradication.”

“Asia, being the land of Buddha has the responsibility to ensure that this is a century free from war.”