Modi Decides to Be The Change For A Cleaner India

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The most powerful man in India, Narendra Modi has decided to lead by example. We live in a world where we find politicians and government officials enforcing a law that they never follow.

But Mr. Modi has decided to break that norm by being an example for the people to follow. At a Dusshera celebration in New Delhi, Modi is seen whipping his hands on a tissue paper and then putting it back in his pocket as a dustbin was not around.

The video has gone viral on the internet with people sharing the PM’s ‘swachh’ gesture. The Prime Minister has been promoting a cleaner country with his scheme Swachh Bharat Abhiyan that focusses on cleaning the streets of India.

It may be a small gesture and just a tissue paper to many, but it is much bigger than that. We finally have someone in the country willing to be the change rather than forcing the change on everyone else. This method Modi is using is highly effective and now people will think twice before they just casually throw anything on the road. Why? Because the Prime Minister did it so should we.

India, to be honest, has not changed drastically and we still face a huge garbage problem. But this is the spark to get the fire going. All we need is one person to show us that it isn’t as hard as we may think it is. Whether it is a tissue or a plastic wrapper hold on to it till you find a bin even if it is at home.

To conclude with a quote from Modi himself, “Do we have the right to say ‘Vande Mataram’ if we cannot keep our nation clean?”


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