Guru Nanak Middle School in Gaya Has No Toilets

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In a disturbing truth coming to life, a government school in Gaya, Bihar has been running without any toilets. This has been causing immeasurable discomfort to the students and the teaching staff.

Guru Nanak Middle school educates 600 students of which 400 are girls and 200 are boys. All these students are forced to go back home just to ease themselves.

An 8th standard student, Anjali Kumari was quoted saying, “Our homes are far, so we use toilets in our friends’ homes, who live close to the school.”

Both the students and teachers have said that the issue has been reported to the Municipal Corporation. The officials assured the students and teachers that toilets would be built soon.

Punami Kumari who has been teaching at the school since May 2014,  said that she has never seen a single toilet from when she joined.

The Principal Brijmohan Thakur explained, “The school comes under the management of the Gaya Nagar Nigam. I have submitted an application and visited the office in person as well. They gave an assurance, but no work has begun as yet.”

The principal also raised concern that the school does not even have a boundary wall or gate.

News reporters bombarded the Mayor of Gaya, Virendra Kumar for answers to which he said, “I have received no application from the school regarding lack of toilets. It is the first time that I am getting to know of the problem through you.”


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