Mumbai Hospital Releases Pictures of A Fitter Eman Ahmed

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he 36-year-old Egyptian woman, Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, will be flown on a chartered plane to Mumbai where the surgery will be operated by Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala

On Wednesday, physicians treating Eman Ahmed, the world’s heaviest woman, from Egypt, said she was getting fitter. According to reports, the woman previously weighing 500 kilos is now able to sit up for longer time periods and also fits in a wheelchair.

After Sushma Swaraj’s decision, Eman was brought to India on a cargo airship and underwent bariatric surgery at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai. She has lost 250 kilos after coming to India since February. The doctors on Wednesday uploaded pictures of a slimmer and happier Eman.

The videos, according to reports were shot on April 18. A statement released online said, “She can finally fit into a wheelchair and sit for a longer period of time, something we never dreamt of 3 months ago.” Speaking to a news daily Dr. Aoarna Govil said, “She is more alert than before. Her physiotherapy sessions have been going on regularly.” The doctors also said that the only concern now is the epileptic fits she experiences because of the neurological scar she has on the brain which is a result of a cardiac arrest Eman suffered three years ago.

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