Policemen dare dense snow to save pregnant woman and baby!


This year Shimla has been a synonym to freezing weather, sub-zero temperatures and thick blankets of snow. The snow has taken a toll on the daily life activities of people of Shimla. Blocked roads and lack of electricity have disrupted the everyday routine of people in the town. From the cold mountains emerges a story that will provide warmth to the hearts of the readers.

Policemen getting ready to carry Kamini to hospital in heavy snow.
Policemen getting ready to carry Kamini to the hospital in heavy snow.

A 23 year old pregnant woman Kamini started going through labor pains on the evening of January 19 in the late hours. The roadblocks and heavy snowfall made it impossible for the village people to reach the hospital. After repeated attempts of calling an ambulance and failing due to the adverse weather, she lost all hope of medical help.

The baby was born health despite all odds and complications.
The baby was born health despite all odds and complications.

As the family and the mother gave up all hope six policemen knocked her door after being informed by the ambulance services about the emergency. The six policemen placed Kamini in a chair covered her in blankets and carried her over their shoulders for three hours in the heavy snow and cold to the hospital. They reached the hospital at 9:30 P.M., after walking in the bone chilling cold for 10 km with the pregnant woman. After surgery, Kamini gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

In the days where we read about crime and cases of injustice and molestation all around us, it is such cases that provide warmth to our heart. We salute the six policemen for their noble initiative and saving the life of a mother and child.


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