Prime Minister Modi Does A Martin Luther King Jr.

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Prime Minister Modi Does A Martin Luther King Jr.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started off a campaign rally for the Gujarat Assembly Polls by dissing the Congress Party. Modi confidently said the people of the State would not forgive the ones who ridicule a “son of Gujarat.”

Modi uses an anaphora which means repeating a word or a phrase in the speech.  A good example of an anaphora is Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream.  As many know Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., orated one of the greatest speeches in the world where I Have a Dream is repeated throughout the speech. Repetition allows the audience to retain that one catchy phrase sending out a strong message among the masses. Modi incorporated this classic trick in a dumbed down version of “son of Gujarat.” He uses “son of Gujarat” to create a homely and caring sensation within the crowd, almost like a family.

“You (opposition) dare to come to Gujarat and say things against the son of Gujarat? Will any Gujarati forgive people who make charges against the son of Gujarat? No Gujarati will endure this insult. This is my mother and I am its son,” he chanted with determination.

Modi went on to retaliate at the Congress by saying they disliked him because of his poor origin. The Prime Minister also countered the Congress’ chaiwala joke by saying, “Yes, I sold tea, but I did not sell the nation.”

At a public rally in Bhuj, Modi said, “You (people) have helped me grow as its son. You have helped shape me. You gave strength and nurtured the good in me, the people of Gujarat and Gujarat my motherland.”

Modi went on to question the Congress on only supporting Gandhi family members. “How many remember Kamaraj or Dhebarbhai (UN Dhebar,) who were presidents of Congress nationally? Many in the party would not even know that Dhebarbhai was a Gujarati. The party that does not go beyond one family, what do you expect from them?” he asked.

He ended his speech by confidently stating the BJP would secure 151 seats from the 182 member assembly.


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