Threats After Yakub Memon Hang!

Even after days of Yakub Memon  hanged to death, there is tension brewing in the air regarding his petition. Yakub was hanged on July 30 at Nagpur Central Jail, as he was one among the accused of the Mumbai Bomb blast 1993.

Tiger Memon, Yakub’s brother, allegedly made a phone call to Yakub’s family shortly before he was hanged and affirmed them that he would avenge his brother’s death. The phone call was interrupted by Mumbai Police and the central agencies were informed about it. Security agencies in Mumbai and Delhi have confirmed that Tiger called the Memon family on the landline number an hour-and-a-half before his brother was executed.

Tiger Memon, Yakub Memon, Justice Misra
According to the sources , Justice Dipak Misra received an anonymous letter which say “irrespective of the protection you may avail, we will eliminate you“.
Justice Misra and his colleagues justice Amitav Roy and justice Prafulla Pant considered Yakub’s new petition in unprecedented pre-dawn hearing on July 30 before ruling that they would not stop his execution hours later. They said , Yakub had exhausted all legal options available to him and had ample time and opportunity to challenge his death sentence.