EV Battery Explodes In Telangana, House Ablaze In Fire

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in a shocking incident, an electric vehicle battery busted resulting which a house being gutted by fire.

The incident took place in a village in Siddipet district on Tuesday night. No casualties were reported during the incident. According to sources, the incident took place at Pedda Cheekodu village in Dubbaka Mandal in the district.

A man identified as Lakshmi Narayana had put the battery of his Electric Vehicle for charging on Tuesday night in front of his house. It is believed that the battery suddenly exploded resulting in a fire and the alert family members managed to escape from the house on time.

The Fire Department rushed to the spot to douse the fire. But by the time they arrived, the house which was an old-style house with a tiled roof was completely gutted. The makers of the E-vehicle are yet to be known and a case was registered.

There have been rising concerns around EV batteries and the government is planning to come out with norms to put in place quality controls for batteries used in EVs. As of now, the Union Transport Ministry has asked all of the two-wheeler EV manufacturers to not launch new models till the investigation into the multiple instances of EVs catching fire is going on after a series of instances where the EV vehicles have caught fire across the country. Further, the ministry asked the EV makers to educate customers about charging safety and how to prevent fire incidents.

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