Hyderabad Petrol Pump Notice For Those With Rs 2,000 Note

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Taking advantage of the withdrawal of Rs. 2,000 notes, a petrol pump in Musheerabad region of Hyderabad came up with this unique sale strategy.

At the petrol pump, they put up a small note saying, customers who come with Rs. 2,000 note had to purchase petrol for a minimum of Rs. 500.  This creative idea of boost sales is going viral on social media platforms.

Many social media users shared the handwritten note, put up at the Musheerabad petrol pump with funny captions.  

It is to  be noted, with the sudden announcement of withdrawal of Rs. 2,000, there has been a rush amongst people. Everybody with that high value note wants to get rid of it, and are rushing towards banks or finding possible ways to use the note and get Rs. 500 or Rs, 100 notes.

It  is to be noted, Rs. 2,000 notes will  be withdrawn for circulation, in effect from the 31st of September, although it will continue to be a legal tender.

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