India V/S Australia T20I: Gymkhana Ground Stampede Situation Worsened Leaving 4 Injured

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The situation turned tense at the city’s Gymkhana Grounds as the cricket fans are clamoring for tickets for the India-Australia match to be held on the 25th of this month.

The situation got out of control as the fans rushed from the main gate, which led to stampede resulting in injuries to four people and 20 people falling unconscious. The police were also injured on this occasion. However, police had to resort to batons to bring the situation under control.

India and Australia teams will clash in the third T20I at Uppal next Sunday. HCA is selling the tickets for this match at Secunderabad Gymkhana Grounds where fans flocked to the field in large numbers.

It is learned that there was great confusion regarding the sale of tickets. Although the date of the match is nearing, HCA has extended the online sale of tickets as a result, fans protested against HCA. In this context, President Mohammed Azharuddin announced that tickets will be available at the Gymkhana Ground from 10 am on Thursday.

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