Lockdown Extended Till 7th May In Telangana

K. Chandrashekhar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana, on the 19th of April, announced to extend the ongoing lockdown till the 7th of May.

Initially, the lockdown was announced till the 3rd of May, by Prime Minister Narendran Modi, but considering the increasing numbers of the Novel Coronavirus cases, Telangana extended it.

The decision was taken during a six hours long Cabinet meeting, held on the afternoon of the 19th of April, at Pragati Bhavan.  During the meeting KCR and Cabinet ministers discussed the measures taken to prevent the virus, area wise spread and lockdown guidelines.

After the long Cabinet meeting, Mr. Rao addressed the media and briefed the Cabinet meeting.

KCR said, “There is no question of any kind of relaxation in Telangana State.  The State Cabinet discussed all the factors including the present status of the disease in the State.  It is a very clear and unambiguous decision based on ground realities and the need to take abundant precaution to check the virus spread after seeking the opinion of medical experts.”

Telangana CM also cleared there would be no ease in the lockdown after the 20th of April, as per the guidelines of the Central Government. 

The Central Government allowed  some ease on the ongoing lockdown after the 20th of April.  However, the decision to lift some of the restrictions after the 20th of April, lies in the hands of the State Government, based on the ground level situation of the spread of COVID-19.

K. Chandrashekar Rao said,  “Though the Centre decided to allow relaxations in certain sectors, State governments are empowered to take a final decision based on local conditions.  The Centre has taken its decisions based on its perceptions, and we have taken the decision to extend the lockdown based on the existing situation in the State.”  He further added, “There have been 21 deaths in the State so far, while 186 persons, after undergoing treatment, have been discharged to date. Presently, 651 persons are undergoing treatment but none of them is in critical condition.” 

Speaking about the extension in the lockdown, KCR said the Cabinet decided to extend the lockdown, after a survey and support of the citizens of Telangana.  He said approximately 95 % people of the State were in favour of the extended lockdown.  

KCR said,  “I myself spoke over phone to a cross section of society across the State including lawyers, doctors, youngsters, farmers and even labourers, and all of them were unanimous in their opinion that the lockdown should continue.” 

KCR concluded the press meet and announced another Cabinet meeting, scheduled to be held on the 5th of May.   Considering the then situation, the State Cabinet would decide whether the lockdown would be lifted or continued.

Meanwhile, with 21 deaths, Telangana reported a total of 858 cases of the Novel  Coronavirus infection till date in 29 districts of the State.

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