Mahesh Kumar Goud replaces Addanki Dayakar in list of MLA quota MLCs

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TPCC, Congress, Telangana, Revanth Reddy, Hyderabad, Addanki Dayakar

Hyderabad: In a last minute move Congress high command replaced Addanki Dayakar from the list of MLA quota MLCs. Mahesh Kumar Goud and Youth Congress leader Balmuri Venkat were announced as MLA quota MLCs from Congress party by the party general secretary KC Venu Gopal on Wednesday. Election of these two candidates will be held peacefully as COngress and CPI together have sufficient numbers to win these seats. 

Sources said that Dayakar received a call from a key leader at AICC informing him about the MLC ticket on Monday and his name was replaced at the last minute. 

Dayakar is deeply hurt with the decision of high command and conducts a key meeting with his followers. Dayakar is eyeing to meet party leadership at Delhi and announce his future course of action. 

Meanwhile, Youth Congress leaders Siva Sena Reddy also submitted a representation tro party high command seeking MLC ticket.