1.05 crore consumers eligible for free power at Telangana

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Revanth Reddy, 6 guarantees, Free power, Telangana, BPL, Aaru Guranteelu

Hyderabad: Altogether 1.05 crores electricity consumers in the state utilize less than 200 units of power per month. Telangana government intensified exercise to fulfill its election promise to provide free power to the consumers who use less than 200 units of electricity per month. 

Congress party in its election manifesto gave 6 key guarantees as election promises and free power to the households is one among them. The energy sector conducted a detailed study and found that a total of 1,31,48,000 household connections are identified in the state out of which 1.05 crore users are eligible for the free power scheme. DISCOMs are earning around Rs.350 crores from these 1.05 crore connections.

The energy department estimated that Rs.4200 worth of power should be supplied to the consumers every year and DISCOMS can survive only if the state government reimburses the amount. The state government has to spend around Rs.4410 crores to fulfill its promise of providing free power. 

New web portal to enroll details:

State government is heading to state a new web portal to enroll the details of the electricity consumers who wish to avail the free power. 




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