Telangana: Electric Shock Kills 3 People In Shaikpet

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In a tragic incident, three people died of an electric shock in Shaikpet region of Hyderabad, Telangana.

On the 13th of April, Thursday, the Banjara Hills Police said, a tragedy struck in Paramount Colony in Shaikpet, where three people died of electrocution.  Getting into the details, the deceased were identified as brothers Anas (19) Rizwan (18) and their friend Razzaq (16.)  Notably, Anas was trying to switch on the motor, when he got an electric shock, following which Rizwan rushed to him and tried to save his elder brother, but he also got a shock.  Razzaq, who lives nearby saw the brothers and in an attempt to save the two, Razzaq also got an electric shock and died.

The three bodies were shifted to Osmania Hospital for postmortem and a case has been registered with the police.

An investigation is underway.

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