Telangana Health Director Alerts On COVID-19 Second Wave, Asks People To Be Cautious Until Next June

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Dr. G. Srinivas, the Director of the Telangana Public Health Department, on the 20th of April, alerted people of Telangana for the second phase of the Novel Coronavirus in the State.

Dr. Srinivas said it was worrying that two lakh cases had been registered for the first time since the Novel Coronavirus epidemic broke out in the Country. He Revealed that the epidemic quote is likely to increase further in the coming days. The statement was made during a press conference held at the medical headquarters in Koti.

During the conference, Dr. Srinivasa Ral said, “Highest number of Corona cases has been registered in Telangana since its inception. It is up to the people to decide whether we should kneel down before the virus or protect our families or not. It is estimated that two crore people were killed in the second wave. Some people from Maharashtra came to a district on the border of Telangana for a ceremony. We met the people of Maharashtra. After that the symptoms appeared and they were tested and found to be positive. The second wave, which started with five positives, reported 433 cases in 12 days. This incident is an example of how serious the second wave can be.”

He also doled out, “One of the reasons for the mutation of the virus into a double mutation is that people do not follow the Covid rules, which is the main reason for the increase in cases. We conducted 1,20,232 tests in Telangana in a single day yesterday. Aside from vaccination, TTTs are effectively administered by public health personnel. Until last September in Telangana, we faced Covid-19 with only 18,000 beds. Now in Corona Second Wave we have set up 38,852 thousand beds. We will increase the number of beds to 50,000 in the coming days.” He further added, “We have made it clear in the past that the corona has reached the stage of diffusion through the air. In the past, it was enough to isolate someone at home. Currently, the entire family is infected with the virus before the victim can be identified. Mutations, double mutations, are also being circulated in the state by travellers from different countries. Spreading rapidly due to new mutations. The positive rate doubled in 15 days”.

Corona medicine is licensed in all private hospitals with more than ten beds. There is no shortage of beds anywhere in Telangana. There is a shortage of beds in some reputed hospitals. One in a hundred people get corona and 80 per cent of them have no symptoms at all. There is no shortage of oxygen beds anywhere. There is no shortage of medicines. Remdesivir is still an experimental drug. Some lives were lost because of them. Do not overdo anything. Remdesivir should not be used by those with corona mild symptoms.”

Finally, he concluded by saying, “Everyone stay alert until next June. Go out if urgent. Covid vaccination is running in 1,300 centres. The state has seen a shortage of vaccines for the past two days. We currently have two lakh doses. These vaccines will last until tomorrow. Another two lakh doses are expected to reach the state”.


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