After ‘The dress’, ‘The Painting’ is tearing the world apart

The Painting: Watched any 3D movies lately? Were you able to find the grasp of Vision between movie and reality? Then here is the test for you to check how far are you successful.This mind-blowing painting is not a porthole into another dimension, but rather a cleverly crafted optical illusion.

The painting is now going viral all over the internet. The discussion were so intense that, even ‘the dress’ never made such fuss.

Going into the details,  A guy named Dmitry Tkachenko found the piece in the Miami Art Show. The paintings are actually 3D pieces which give the illusion of depth, making the painting seem like a real view as you walk past it.

Another confusing aspect is that this Miami Art show is now being held in New York city.

Watch the Painting here: