Celebrating Birthday Is Ban!

Till the recent times we have seen many things getting banned, but did anyone one among us thought that celebrating birthday would be banned one day. Here’s a story for you..

Beijing: A Chinese country has banned celebrating birthday parties for people under 70 years of age. People over 70 years can only have their birthday banquet once in a decade, according to the regulations of Tongjiang country in Northeastern Sichuan Province.
Country officials stated that the events were creating a huge financial burden on families paying for the meals, and on guests who have to give gifts, Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post quoted local Chinese media as saying on Friday.

According to reports, the ban drew mixed response from people with many opposing the rules saying it was right to celebrate older people’s longevity and that limiting the number of parties was wrong. Some, however, have backed the move, arguing that residents in the country are not wealthy and the number of banquets held was excessive. The local government has promised to revise the regulations because of the complaints it has received, but gave no details of what changes were planned, the report added.