AP Panchayat Sarpanchs resolved to defeat Jagan

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Panchayat Raj, Sarpanchs, protest, defeat Jagan..

Vijayawada: AP Panchayat Raj Chamber passed a resolution to defeat chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and YSRCP in the next general elections. Sarpanchs were unhappy over diversion of central government funds in the name of convergence.

Sarpanchs were unhappy over the volunteers and village secretariat system parallelly brought by the AP government to weaken the rural local bodies.

Sarpanchs earlier staged protests at collector offices, Chalo Assembly, Chalk CM office and others.

Police foiled all sorts of protests taken up by Sarpanchs. They conducted a general body meeting on Tuesday and decided to teach YS Jagan Mohan Reddy a lesson. 

AP Panchayat Raj Chamber passed a resolution to defeat YS Javan’s party by motivating the rural population on how YSRCP destroyed the village administration.

“Gandhi always dreamt of ‘Gram Swaraj’ (rural independence). YS Jagan claimed himself as Gandhi and did contradictory things,” former MLC and chamber President YVB Rajendra Prasad said.

 Villages have been crying with lack of funds and development for the last five years. We have been fighting for years and our plight was ignored by the government, YVB added.


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