Southern part of RRR to become national highway

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Revanth Reddy, Biting Gadkari, HighWays, Regional Ring Road, RRR

Delhi: The Union government had approved to declare the southern part of regional ring road (RRR) as national highway. Telangana chief minister’s office announced that 182 kilometers stretch of regional ring road between Choutuppal, Amunaghapalli, Shadh Nagar and Sangareddy will soon become NH.

Chief minister A Revanth Reddy along with deputy chief minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and minister Komatireddy Venkat Reddy met union minister for transport and highways Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday. 

Revanth requested the center to approve a few key projects related to the state. CM submitted a request to upgrade a total 14 highways in the state. Revanth Reddy requested the center to bear utility expenditure for shifting of electricity poles, drains and others. Gadkari accepted the proposal and directed the authorities to pass necessary orders.

Revanth Reddy expressed satisfaction over the 90 minutes long meeting with Gadkari. He hoped that the meeting will derive good results in the coming days. 




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