Tollywood Actress Dimple Hayati And Her Fiance Booked By Hyderabad Police

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The Hyderabad Police registered a case against Tollywood actress Dimple Hayati, known for her roles in movies like Khiladi and Ramabanam.

According to sources,  Dimple Hayati got into a dispute with Rahul Hegde, an Indian Public Service (IPS) officer.  The incident occurred in the apartment complex parking lot, as the two live in the same complex.  Notably,  Dimple’s fiancé David accidentally hit Rahul’s official vehicle and when IPS Rahul’s driver, Chetan Kumar, questioned Dimple about the incident, she kicked the car with her foot.  Upset by the damage to public property, Chetan Kumar lodged a complaint at the jubilee hills police station against the actress.

The police have registered a case against Dimple Hayati under sections 353, 341, and 279 of the Indian Penal Code for damaging public property.   Besides Dimple, her fiance Victor David has also been booked under the same IPC charges.

Meanwhile, giving a statement, IPS Rahul Hegde also confirmed such behavior of Dimple and said this was not the first time Dimple had behaved inappropriately.  Despite efforts to reason with her and change her attitude, she continued to display disruptive behavior.

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