Anushka Sharma : will quit Bollywood anytime soon

Anushka Sharma

No other actress in Bollywood has as eventful 2015 as Anushka Sharma. Firstly she was shouldered up with praises for her performance in NH10. She even made her debut as a Bollywood producer which resulted in victory.

But later the year, during the World Cup , the entire nation came up on her at once for India’s semi final loss. Now she is now getting all geared up for the big release of ‘Bombay velvet’.

Yet, the actress is ready to quit industry at any moment. In an interview with Zoom,the actress said, “I don’t see myself anywhere for too long. i can even leave next year. I am not attached to things except my family. I am attached to my work right now because I am enjoying it. If my work is exciting, I will continue doing it, But, if it has nothing, I won’t.