NASA To Produce Oxygen On Mars Using Microbes

The curiosity over finding life in the red planet is ever growing. Scientists have been thoroughly studying the planet for years now to end this mystery. To have an even more detailed study, there has to be someone who could explore the planet themselves.

In a move to further ease human missions from now, scientists are looking to create life gas on Mars which evades the concept of astronauts carrying heavy oxygen cylinders during their mission. NASA is planning to create an ecosystem which will be sufficient for astronauts to survive during human missions.

“This is a possible way to support a human mission to Mars, producing oxygen without having to send heavy gas canisters,” Eugene Boland, chief scientist at Techshot, was quoted while talking to news organizations.

He further mentioned “Let’s send microbes and let them do the heavy lifting for us,”

It is also believed that ancient Mars planet had vast oceans and water in its northern hemisphere.