Top 10 Most Dangerous Train Accidents in India

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Deaths due to train accidents have taken place plenty of times in India. This has led to a doubt on Railway safety and insecure feeling in the minds of railway passengers as well as the general public. The train has always been the most common means of transportation which is expected to be a safe mode of transportation.
Top 10 most dangerous train accidents in India.

1. Pamban-Dhanuskodi Passenger Train Disaster
Pamban-Dhanuskodi passenger train was washed away during the Dhanushkodi cyclone. All the 150 passengers who were present in the train died in the accident. Some people said that it was off season because of which there were only 150 passengers or else the incident would have been much deadlier. This tragic incident took place on 23rd December 1964.

2. Hyderabad Train Tragedy
Around 139 passengers died and 100 were critically injured in an accident where a train crashed into the Yasanti river. It is about 75 km south of Hyderabad. It is one of the deadliest train accidents in India. The incident took place on  28 September 1954.

3. Sant Kabir Nagar Train Accident
Nearly 25 people died and 50 people were injured in the train accident where a Gorakhpur bound Gorakhdham Express hit a stationary goods train. The mishap took place near Khalilabad station in Sant Kabir Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place on May 26, 2014. 

4. Anantapur District Train Accident
Nanded Bangalore Express blaze witnessed one of the unfortunate train tragedies. Almost 26 passengers passed away on the spot and several people were badly injured. The accident happened at the Kothacheruvu Railway Station in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The fire that engulfed the coaches was suspected to have been caused by a short circuit.

5. Madhya Pradesh Train Tragedy
Around 20 people expired and 50 people were critically hurt in the train accident which took place in Madhya Pradesh. The passenger train crashed into a goods train near Badarwas station.

6. Bihar Train Accident
Bihar witnessed a deadly tragic accident which killed nearly 800 passengers as the passenger train fell into the Baghmati River. This is the worse train accident in the world. Some people said that the reason behind the accident could be a cyclone and some said it is because of flash flooding.

7. Assam Train Disaster
Two trains, Avadh Assam Express from New Delhi and the Brahmaputra Mail from Dibrugarh collided at a high speed. Nearly 290 people died in the accident. The incident took place on August 2, 1999.

8. Firozabad Rail Disaster
Purushottam express hit Kalindi express, killing almost 350 passengers. A manual error caused this tragedy. The incident took place near Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh. The incident happened on 20 August 1995.

9. Punjab Train Disaster
On November 26, 1998, 212 passengers lost their lives when the Jammu Tawi Sealdah Express collided with 6 derailed coaches of the Frontier Golden Temple Mail near Khanna in Punjab. The Jammu Tawi Sealdah Express collided the Frontier Golden Temple Mail minutes after the latter got derailed. Soon, its compartment spilled over to the adjoining tracks.

10. New Delhi Train Accident
Nearly 140 passengers died in the accident which took place in Bihar on September 9, 2002. The Howrah-New Delhi- Rajdhani Express, got derailed near Rafiganj station due to weak tracks.