Free travel for women across the state in TSRCP buses: Sajjanar

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Hyderabad: Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC)Managing DIrector Sajjanar asked women across the state to avail the free bus travel in buses from Saturday. Newly formed Congress government is heading to implement free travel for women as promised before elections.

Sajjanar addressed the media after meeting CM Revanth Reddy and said that they have completed an exercise to provide free travel for women in RTC buses across the state. Sajjanar said that zero tickets will be issued for the women to register the count of passengers. Valid ID card certifying that passenger is a resident of Telangana is enough to avail this scheme, Sajjanar said.

He said that around 40 percent of passengers of TSRTC are women and they can avail free travel from Saturday morning. He said that the scheme is applicable in city buses, sub-urban services, passenger buses. Women can also travel for free in inter state services, but need to buy a ticket after the bus crosses the state border.

Sajjanar added that the free travel scheme will add around Rs.3000 crore burden on TSRTC. He expected that the percentage of women passengers is likely to increase to 55 percent with this scheme.


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