Manchester Arena Bomb Blast Culprit Identified

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A tragic bomb blast at Machester Arena on Monday night, after an Ariana Grande concert, claimed the lives of 22 people and injured 119 people. Among the injured 59 were rushed to different hospitals while the rest were treated at the site.

Among the deceased, a girl as young as 8 passed away. The accused was a suicide bomber and has been identified as Salman Abedi. Salman had arrived in Machester after a visit to Libya. Officials are investigating to find out if the accused was trained in Libya for the suicide bombing.

The Islamic State took immediate responsibility for the attack on social media. A number of ISIS sympathizers have been celebrating the blast all over social media for the past two days.

SITE Intel Group that monitors jihadist groups have reported the IS statement described the blast as having been done at a ‘shameless concert arena.’

The reason behind attacking a concert arena is still not known. But what we do know is it was a majorly a crowd of women that was attacked. ISIS is known for ill treating women and opposing their rights.

Ariana Grande is known for standing up for being a woman. She has openly spread the word of equal rights for women. The pop stars has conveyed her feelings for against objectifying women. The musician also encourages her fans to not feel ashamed about gender and to being healthy to express it as we like.

The bomb blast just reminded the World that women are targeted for seeking equality, by ignorant, illiterate and illegitimate ideologues, in 2017.

Prime Minister May has increased security in the city, as they expect another attack.


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