Nepal Earthquake death toll exceeds 6,624

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Nepal Earthquake death toll exceeds 6,624

Kathmandu, Nepal: The death toll climbed to 6,624 on Saturday in Nepal after a fresh aftershock with magnitude 4.5 startled the people, who scrambled for open ground. Another 14,025 people were injured in the disaster.

The worst quake in 80 years, hit Nepal on last Saturday with a magnitude of 7.9. The massive quake left many people dead and thousands are still missing. The relief operations are underway.

Director of Asia Pacific with the IFRC, Jagan Chapagain said, “One of our teams that returned from Chautara in Sindupalchowk district reported that 90 per cent of the homes are destroyed. The hospital has collapsed, and people are digging through the rubble with their hands in the hope that they might find family members who are still alive.”

He added, “We can expect the situation to be the same if not worse in many other places where aid has not yet been delivered.”