Andre Russell leaves Shane Watson confused

The game is evolving. The bats are getting thicker and wider. The grounds are getting smaller. Batsmen are getting far more adaptive. They are playing innovative shots, the depth of crease was used never better. The field restrictions are being imposed.

Among all this chaos,  the bowlers are clearly getting lost. If the bowler was to survive the field, he should innovate. West Indian all rounder did Just that. Along with his yorkers and well disguised slow balls, he produced another special deliver which left Shane Watson baffled.

Going into the details, Shane Watson was left confused and made to believe almost before the delivery stride that Russell was going to pull out and not deliver it. But then he gets back to his normal run up and bowls it. Watson had no idea what he was facing, whether the bowler was going to bowl or not and in the end he was not in a position to offer any shot to it, and the umpires found nothing wrong with it.

Andre Russell New Bowling Trick Compelety Fools… by zemtv